DAY 2: Anywhere in the World

Below is a link to google drive folder containing ALL the things listed in more detail below! (instrumental version, extra songs, lyrics, and more)

“Hear the Roaring of the Falls…”

I was fortunate to visit some of the most beautiful waterfalls in the world on my trip to California. Niagara Falls, obviously, but also Minnehaha Falls and Sioux Falls in South Dakota.


I wrote this song after I was reunited with my wife Danielle and baby Alice after this week long trip. Danielle’s parents have this great house in Idaho and while there I just thought about how much I wish I could have experienced the amazing sights I had seen with the people I love.

Here’s an equally mellow song that didn’t make the record. Rough recording, but here you go! I wrote the chorus on an airplane trip back to Boston.

See you Tomorrow!