DAY 4: I Wish You Would

Below is a link to google drive folder containing ALL the things listed in more detail below! (instrumental version, extra songs, lyrics, and more)

“I’ll be writing sad songs…”-Illenium, Said the Sky, Annika Wells, AND ME (but not for the song credit unfortunately…)


This was a reference track for the production style of I Wish You Would. I don’t think it really ended up sounding like this much, but the acoustic guitar that goes throughout this track inspired the use of acoustic guitar in my song.

Mitch- Producer Genius Man

I owe a LOT to Mitch on how fantastic the EP sounds. He had some great ideas on where to take some approaches on songs that I wouldn’t have thought of. I’ve included the original version of this song in the google drive folder. This song originally was more of a “Something Just Like This” kind of track, and I really like the direction it went here. Definitely check out Mitch’s work! Here’s his Instagram account

Here’s another song that didn’t make the record. This one kind of reminds me of this track as well.

See you Tomorrow!