DAY 5: Come Back To Me Love

Below is a link to google drive folder containing ALL the things listed in more detail below! (instrumental version, extra songs, lyrics, and more)

“The tree roots curve like your dress in the water…”


I was a California boy living through a New England winter when I wrote this line. This tree was about 5 minutes from my apartment. It was pretty cold, and it was difficult to leave the apartment because 1. It was cold 2. I had to take baby, and put baby in this mummy blanket in the stroller 3. Try to stroller around Boston’s cobblestone streets lined in snow.

I thought the tree looked like a dress, so I wrote down this lyric on my phone as I passed by on our walk!

Acoustic Songs

Most of my songs start on the acoustic guitar. A few on this record started on piano, but even those ended up using guitars of some sort. I had a few other songs in the running that were more acoustic based, but “Come Back To Me Love” is the one that made the EP. I’ve included another one here that I really enjoyed writing, and perhaps I’ll use someday. It’s called “Let Me Hold You.”

And here’s an early live performance of “Come Back To Me Love.” You might notice a bit of a difference in structure and a completely different last verse.

This is a song that sounds similar to “Come Back To Me Love,” but didn’t quite make the cut for the EP

See you Tomorrow!